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Insurance Changes

Please don’t panic – that letter you received in the mail from your insurance carrier is not something to be worried about.  As a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, I am happy to see Great West Life making changes to its policy on custom foot orthotics.

In keeping with other large companies in the industry, Great West Life is now requiring:

i) orthotics are prescribed with a diagnosis from a medical doctor, or in some cases podiatrist/chiropodist

ii) that a full biomechanical analysis was conducted by the provider, and a report with these findings is provided to the client

iii) information on the casting procedure, raw materials used, and  fabrication process

Great West Life has made these changes to protect its policy holders, and eliminate insurance fraud.  They want to make sure that the orthotics provided are necessary, 100% custom and provided by a qualified practitioner.

We are excited to see these changes and will continue to provide you with the paperwork required by your insurance company at no additional charge.

Until next time!

– Karen