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Orthotics for Sports Purposes?

Do custom foot orthotics fit into specialty footwear? Do I need to wear them when I’m involved in sports? We often get questions from clients as to whether or not they need to wear their custom foot orthotics when doing various sporting activities.

Whether its going to the gym, figure skating, playing basketball, soccer, downhill skiing or horesback riding my advice is the same.  If you need the orthotics for daily use, you should definitely be wearing them when putting your body under the strain of vigorous activity or sporting events! Think about how much extra force you put on your feet and legs sprinting across a soccer field, or landing from an axle jump in skating! These are the times when it is most important to have the support you need under your feet.

Often times I encounter people that have been told custom foot orthotics can not be made to fit into the specialty footwear they are required to wear for their chosen sport.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  It is extremely rare that there is a specialty shoe that cannot accommodate a custom foot orthotic, the trick is in adapting the device to work with your chosen footwear.

The downside to having a device fabricated for your specialty shoe is that it tends to be quite specific to that shoe, and is not as easily transferred for everyday use. That doesn’t mean it cannot be done, but the orthotic made specifically for a hockey skate is going to look significantly different than one made for everyday running style shoes.

The good news is that when made properly, custom foot orthotics are designed to last a long time, at least 2-4 years.  If two pairs of orthotics are not an option for you right away, keep in mind that with an on-site lab we are 100% able to rework these devices at a later date to function in your specialty shoes.

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– Karen Childs