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Our Services - Tender Touch Orthotics

Introduction to Pedorthics…

What We Do

A Canadian Certified Pedorthist is the only foot care practitioner trained to manufacture and modify both footwear and orthotics. Pedorthic treatment focuses on:

    • Providing pain relief for debilitating conditions
    • Realignment of anatomical structures
    • Redistribution of external and internal forces
    • Control of biomechanical function
    • Improved balance
    • Accomodation of circulatory special requirements
    • Enhancement of compromised limb function that is the result of accidents, trauma, congenital deformity, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders

Not All Orthotics Are Created Equal

Foot orthotics are not regulated by the government. Unfortunately, this means that anyone can sell orthotics.
For this reason, it is very important that a thorough assessment is done by a fully certified foot and lower limb professional, to ensure that patients orthotics will be: i) necessary, and ii) truely custom and meeting their needs!

Services Provided

    • Assessment – Includes analysis of gait, static stance positions, as well as nonweight bearing analysis of foot positions
    • Custom foot orthotics
    • Footwear Education
    • Footwear Modifications
    • Silipos products – pressure relief, custom or generic toe spacers
    • Stiff forefront plates – for hallux rigidus, etc.

Our Process

  • Handcasted, using non-weight bearing foam, wax or plaster methods
  • Designed to correct for foot positions, or deformities noted in assessment
  • Can be corrective or accommodative, depending on assessment findings
  • Fabrication is done 100% on-site, by Karen, the Pedorthist assessing patients feet
  • Many different options are available for ‘style’ of orthotics from atheletic full length, to a smaller sleeker design for dress shoes
  • Follow up appointments for one years time and adjustments are included in the cost of the orthotics and done by Karen, in the onsite lab.


Fee Structure

Assessment Fee – $60
Custom Foot Orthotics – $450
Footwear Modification – $40-80/shoe
Orthotic price includes one year of adjustments as necessary, (in our on-site lab).

Assessment fee waived if orthotics fabricated.


  • Costs are covered through employer extended health care (i.e. greenshield, manulife).
  • Some companies can be billed directly, depending on the policy.
  • Claims for WSIB, ODSP, NIHB and DVA are accepted. Approval is sought before fabrication of foot orthoses, or footwear modification begins.

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