All of our custom foot orthotics are handcasted, and fabricated in our in-house laboratory.

Shoes are NOT included with the orthotics. A good orthotic should be designed and built to work with your existing footwear, or with shoes recommended to you by your Pedorthist. There are many styles of orthotics available, and often one pair can easily be transferred from shoe to shoe.

The typical life expectancy of our orthotics are two to four years, sometimes longer!

Assessment first. Follow Ups Included.

Your first appointment will include a thorough health history, discussion of previous injuries/problems with your feet and lower limbs. Please bring the shoes you wear most often, however many pairs that is! Following this we will do a gait analysis and biomechanical assessment, both weight bearing and non-weight bearing to determine range of motion and foot position.

If we determine orthotics would be beneficial, your feet will be casted and a pick up appointment set. Our pick-up appointments take approximately 20-30 minutes, we will watch you walk again, ensure you are comfortable in your new device and that it works with your footwear. Instructions will be given to you at this time about break in period and what to expect in the first few days.

We ALWAYS ask you to come back 4-6 weeks later for a follow up. At this appointment we will check your device for excessive wear and tear, talk about how your symptoms have improved and make any changes necessary to the orthotics at this point!


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